Are You Fighting Your Insurance Company Alone?

Attorney Becker fights no-fault denial recovery cases in Buffalo & Rochester, NY

Your insurance company denied your no-fault insurance claim. Now what? Don't worry about your incoming medical bills. Paul B. Becker Personal Injury Attorney has the skill and experience to fight your no-fault insurance claim. If you've been denied in Buffalo & Rochester, NY or the surrounding area, dial (716) 343-7778 right away.

We don't take no for an answer

We don't take no for an answer

Has your attorney done anything to fight the denial? You have the right to switch attorneys at no cost! Our no-fault denial recovery services will help you hold your insurance provider to their agreement. Your no-fault insurance claim is designed to cover any...

  • Medical bills: Attorney Becker will fight for compensation for you and your passengers.
  • Loss of income: Bills don't stop just because you're out of work.
  • Funeral expenses: In the worst-case scenario, no-fault insurance will cover the sudden expense of a funeral.

Start the no-fault denial recovery process today by calling our Buffalo & Rochester, NY office for a free consultation.